Residential / Care homes

Do you have residents with a hearing loss due to possible impacted or stubborn ear wax? 

Reduced hearing can exacerbate symptoms associated with Dementia and Alzheimer’s contributing to social isolation and depression according to NICE guidelines*

Is it disruptive for some residents to travel for ear wax removal?

Is your local surgery reluctant to syringe ears for safety reasons? 

Due to an increase in local demand recently, we have developed a fixed price per resident care home service for wax management.  This enables us to treat multiple residents in the comfort and security of their own setting.    

We offer a full or half day ear wax removal clinic where we set up within your home so residents can be seen at their convenience either in their own room / bed or an alternative suitable area.

This service is priced very competitively and fixed for convenience at £50 / patient based on a minimum of 5 patients on the same day.

This fee includes all consultancy, ear examinations and any wax treatment/removal required plus the provision of GP referral letters for any relevant conditions highlighted by the ear examination.

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