Covid 19

This 1st June 2020 guidance replaces guidance on 1st May 2020. The main change is to the screening questions for Covid-19 symptoms and to bring the guidance in line with the A graduated return to the provision of elective ENT services during the COVID-19 pandemic updated on 25th May 2020. This guidance refers to how to deliver care safely and as clinically required.

With in the scope of this document, Micro Suction Ear Wax removal is covered and guidance given on the correct procedure to follow, as defined by the WHO, Public Health England, NHS England, Centres for Disease Control and Prevention and other relevant Professional bodies.

This clearly gives guidance on providing our services in line with NICE where there is an audiological need.

We have updated our Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), PROTECT Respiratory Infections (EN) and Standard precautions: Hand hygiene training and incorporated this in to our consultation with the advised and correct PPE where required.

Whilst the previous version of the joint guidance moved audiology from emergency and essential, to delivering services where there is audiological need, this latest update brings additional advice for perforated ears, screening changes for Covid-19 symptoms and provides important information on vestibular testing.

Cornwall Ear Care┬áhas always had our patients safety at the heart of our Covid Secure Ear Wax Management Service. With this in mind we have taken and passed the latest uptodate NHS England new Infection Prevention and control – Level 2 training module.

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